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What We Do?

Delivering a quicker, easier way to post a job and find qualified candidates, who have been automatically matched, ranked and scored based on your hiring requirements, We believe you can thrive by joining us, Each area of our business offering different challenges.

Work with trusted agencies

You have more extensive decision to pick, All our organizations are appraised and affirmed by Employers, helping you pick just the best offices to work with Approve one office.

This global network of certified, expert recruiters sourcing local talent for clients, A trusted professional for hire can help you more easily create and publish.

Broaden your search

Talpro encourages you expand your image and profile and qualities to a more extensive crowd of talent.Narrow your pursuit by instruction, pay extend, normal residency, readiness to movement or move, citizenship status, veteran status and that’s just the beginning.


You’re in the driving seat

You’re in control, from the very begin As soon as you post your activity you set a settled expense, no pay rates and no arrangements. Offer higher charges to drive a focused hunt or keep expenses low to boost your enrollment spending plan. 

What got you to where you are today will not get you where you want to be, Offer higher fees to drive a competitive search or keep fees low to maximize your recruitment budget. global network of certified, expert recruiters sourcing local talent for clients .

hassle-free hiring

Setup is straightforward and free, so it requires negligible push to completely incorporate your enrollment procedure in one place. So you and your group can get to your record whenever, anyplace.

Recruitment process in one place takes minimal effort to fully centralize which is setup simple and free. This global network of certified, expert recruiters sourcing local talent for clients.


Everything you need to supercharge your recruitment


Upload your job, approve agencies and sit back as CVs flow in for you to accept, and move through your recruitment process.


Average time-to-hire on the platform is 20 days; our current record from posting to offer is 2.5 days, Post your job today.


Your dashboard and data sits behind robust SSL security configured to banking standards, so  information is safe.


Your Relationship Manager is on hand whenever you need them to help with everything from  scheduling interviews.

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