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Your personal reputation is too important to dismiss. Katrina Collier and Ryan Rhoten are my guests as we talk about why your online reputation (personal brand) is so important to your career.

Whether you prefer to call it your personal brand or personal reputation, just be sure you pay attention to it! And while this was recorded in 2015, it is still relevant today!

Your Reputation: What You Need To Know

I chatted with Katrina Collier, The Searchologist, @KatrinaMCollier and Ryan Rhoten, RyanRhoten @RyanRhoten and they shared valuable information that EVERYONE needs to hear!

Three questions guided our 30-minute conversation:

  1. Job seekers need to know this…
  2. Branding means…
  3. Recruiters wish candidates knew this…

Katrina is a recruiter in the UK who presents and writes on how recruiters can/should use social media. Ryan Rhoten writes, speaks and hosts podcasts on the different aspects of personal branding. He also recently wrote a book called Career Kred.

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