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There’s lots of help for your job search, you just have to know where to look!

This weekly collection of articles highlights new help for your job search, job interviews and for your career.

From a new tool to identify keywords to identifying when it’s time to find a new job, there are tips, ideas and resources here to improve how you search for a new job.

There’s also insight from a recruiter about the broken-ness of the recruiting process and what you can do about it. And for all the introverts reading this, there’s research that shows you can network- just act like an extrovert!


Awesome New Tool for Resume Keywords
by Donna Svei | AvidCareerist

Dissecting a job posting is one of the best ways to uncover the skills and keywords the employer is looking for. This new tool will save you time and this post will help you uncover more secrets in job postings! Read about all the ways you can use it (plus it is free)! Great discovery and explanation, Donna! (And of course, we all know about, but that’s a slightly different tool.)

Confessions Of A Former Corporate Recruiter
by Dr. Dawn Graham | Forbes

If you’ve ever felt frustrated by the unfairness of the recruiting and hiring process, then read this. It explains, from Talent Acquisition’s viewpoint, why the system works the way it does.

How to Evaluate Resume Employment Gaps
by Roy Mauer | SHRM

While this is written for HR and Talent Acquisition, it includes insightful research from ResumeGo. It talks about the existing bias against those with gaps in their work history. Please consider including an explanation for significant gaps in your employment and you could improve your odds of an interview by 60%.

ResumeGo study 2019 WorkGap SHRM

Image via SHRM


LinkedIn’s New Interview Prep Feature: You Should Be Checking It Out
by Wayne Breitbarth, Power Formula | YouTern

This is an overview of LinkedIn’s newest feature! If you have a job interview in your future, you should check it out!

The Email You Have to Send After Interviewing for an Internship
by Brittany King | The Muse

It doesn’t matter that this focuses on internships. The advice is universal. Always send a thank you message! Here’s what goes into one and there’s even a sample!


7 Signs It Is Time for a Career Change
by Virginia Franco |

Here are seven reasons to start looking for a new job. You owe it to yourself to feel productive and engaged in your job!

Acting Like an Extrovert Has a Positive Effect On Happiness, Study Finds
by Meghan Holohan | Today

This is interesting research and as an introvert myself, it makes sense! Most introverts despise small talk and networking…however, introverts do value deep, meaningful conversations. “It’s not that extroverts are superior to introverts or always happier. The takeaway should be that social interaction is important to wellbeing.” 

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