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There are many differences in today’s job-hunting process. Simply put, there are job search tips you need to know!

Did you know…

“Almost 11% of job-seekers received 2 or more offers compared to 10.1% who only received a single offer. The number receiving three offers or more was the highest since records started in 2014, according to data from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.” This is according to Bloomberg News.

In this week’s summary, you’ll find ways to update your job search activities from handling the job interview process to engaging on social media. You’ll also learn more about LinkedIn.


Can You Hold Off On Accepting/Rejecting Job Offer?
by Kathleen Furore | Chicago Tribune

It’s quite possible, in a tight labor market, that you will receive multiple job offers. Here’s how to handle these tricky situations.

10 Step Interview Preparation Plan: The Winning Difference in 2019
by Susan P. Joyce |

Follow these steps to thoroughly prepare for your next job interview!


14 Types of Social Media Posts to Spark Engagement With Your Followers [Infographic]
by Mark Walker-Ford | Social Media Today

Get ideas to create better social media posts that will increase engagement using this infographic!


Grab Recruiter Attention with LinkedIn Projects
By Laura Smith-Proulx |

Projects in your LinkedIn profile provide ways you can highlight all types of accomplishments – paid and unpaid!


Three Questions to Ask Yourself if You Struggle to Manage Time
by David Shindler, Learning To Leap | YouTern

Tips to help you take control over how you use your time.


Top 20 Companies for Freelance Jobs in 2019
by Brie Weiler Reynolds | FlexJobs

Many of the companies listed are staffing agencies. This is your sign that using an agency to find freelance work is a viable option.


LinkedIn Is More Than A Social Media Platform
by Jim Peacock | Peak Careers

Watch this 30-minute conversation with Jim Peacock, Shelly Elsliger and myself and get new ideas on how to improve your LinkedIn profile.

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