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The more you know about the subtleties of job search, the better! Increase results with these job search tips!

Looking for a new job can be incredibly frustrating! There’s no rulebook. And people don’t always do what they say they’ll do.

But, if you focus on what YOU CAN DO to drive the process forward and make a difference, you’ll feel like you have more power and control. Don’t wait. Take action.

This week’s summary contains articles to help arm you with knowledge so that you can be proactive and feel more confident about what you are doing! (That’s a major component of your job search!)

Yes, you can increase results when you implement these job search tips!


Want To Switch Industries? Here’s How
by Dr. Dawn Graham, Wharton EMBA Career Director

Yes, it is possible to switch your career into a new industry! If you love your job and just want to change industries, then learn what it will take for you to make the switch! Dr. Graham provides proven advice to help you. One of my favorite points is to “Focus on the future, not the past.

And if you want to get more help with switching careers, you may want to check out Dr. Graham’s book, Switchers, which just had it’s 1 year anniversary!

How To Find A Job’s Salary Before You Apply
by Erin McDowell | Business Insider

Get examples of exactly what to say to a recruiter to find out a job’s salary and how to respond when someone asks you about your salary expectations! These are real tips from real recruiters and job search coaches.

Is Writing A Cover Letter Worth It?
by Kathleen Davis | Fast Company

In 2019, is a cover letter still worth writing? That’s a great question and one I get asked a lot. The short answer is yes. But see what needs to go in it! Also, if you like podcasts, you may be interested in listening to season 3 of Fast Company’s “Secrets of the Most Productive People.”


Gravitas’ Lisa Sun: How To Take Your Networking Skills To the Next Level
by Halley Bondy | MSNBC News

You may not have heard of Gravitas or know who Lisa Sun is (I didn’t), but the advice shared is super important! Networking isn’t a dirty word, it isn’t something to dread. Sun is credited as being an excellent connector! See how she does it!

How to Network on LinkedIn: 10 Experts Weigh In
by Jon Shields |

LinkedIn is a platform for networking, but so many people have difficulty doing it! 10 career/job search pros share their insights on how to network on LinkedIn. (You’ll find my advice in this too!)


5 LinkedIn Profile Personal Brand Building Essentials
by Meg Guiseppi | Executive Career Brand

Does your LinkedIn profile sound like you? Does it convey why and how you do what you do? Chances are, your profile is not as robust as it could be. Fix these 5 things today, right now!


Career Sherpa, Hannah Morgan, Teaches Online Networking [Podcast]
by Marc Miller | Career Pivot

We discuss online networking and how to make it work! In fact, Marc and I met networking online many years ago!

7 Steps to Take After Losing Your Job | US News & World Report On Careers

Wondering what to do when you lose your job? Create a plan of action!

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