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Isn’t it time you expand how you use LinkedIn? There’s a lot it can do to help build awareness of your expertise.

LinkedIn is THE social network for professional networking. This makes is the perfect place to build a robust profile and network with people you know (or would like to know).

LinkedIn is encouraging users to help people outside their network. It’s called the Plus One Pledge and you can learn more about it here in Three Ways You Can Take The Plus One Pledge.

This week’s summary includes articles about how to build your visibility on LinkedIn (especially if you’ll be launching a job search), what to remove from your profile, and who you should connect with.

But that’s not all. You’ll find answers to one of the top job search questions, how to list your salary requirements as well as how to evaluate company culture.


Launch (or Re-Launch) LinkedIn for Your Executive Job Search
by Laura Smith-Proulx |

If you’ve neglected your LinkedIn profile here’s help gaining visibility on LinkedIn. And it’s important to remember that a stronger profile on LinkedIn is not only good for you, but it’s also good for your employer.

5 Things To Immediately Remove From Your LinkedIn Profile
by Ashley Stahl | Forbes

If you want to make a job transition, improve your brand or uplevel your professional life, you’ll find five things you need to remove or update on your LinkedIn profile right now.

4 Types of People You Should Connect With On LinkedIn and How To Do It
by Bob McIntosh, Things Career Related | Social-Hire

Besides learning about the four types of people to connect with (and why) see what to do before you even try to connect with someone you don’t know on LinkedIn. You’ll also find sample messages to use when inviting people to connect.


Q&A: The Secret to Giving Your “Salary Requirements”
by Victoria Pynchon | The Muse

One of the top questions job seekers ask is what to put on the job application when it asks for salary requirements. And will that number hurt your chances of negotiating more or get you eliminated? Learn how to navigate this tricky situation.


Company Culture or Pay: What Matters More to You?
by David Shindler | Learning To Leap

Since company culture is so important (read how important in the article), see how to evaluate a company’s company before, during and after the interview. Learn what questions to ask too (though I might suggest wording some of them a bit differently).


One way to stay in touch with your network is by being kind. Publicly say thank you (give kudos) or give a written recommendation to a connection.

Simply go to the person’s profile and click on the “More” button and select “Give Kudos” or “Recommend.”

LinkedIn give kudos recommend

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