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Are you ready for a job search?

Layoffs can happen without notice and you never want to be caught without a plan.

Right now, start thinking about what you would do if your job was eliminated on Monday.

What would you do first? How would you begin searching for a new job?

These are important questions that require your attention now, not once you’ve received your pink slip.

In this week’s summary, you’ll find articles to help you explore those questions. You’ll also get tips about how introverts can build online visibility, what to consider before you invite someone to connect, how to write your personal brand statement and answer a popular interview question.


How To Reinvent Yourself And Succeed In The Face Of Layoffs And A Cruel, Unforgiving Job Market
by Jack Kelly, WeCruitr | Forbes

No job will last forever. As Jack Kelly writes “It’s easy and comfortable to stay complacent, but I’d highly recommend that you start planning for reinventing yourself, even if you feel safe at the moment.” This is a must-read article about how to handle a layoff (or pending layoff).


Increase Your Online Visibility Without Chasing “Likes”
by Nancy Ancowitz | Psychology Today

Nancy interviews Ross Brand, an award-winning live streamer. Brand is a fellow introvert and he suggests ways to spread the word about the value you bring without tapping out your limited social energy.


3 Reasons I Won’t Connect with You on LinkedIn
by Meg Guiseppi | Executive Career Brand

Everyone has a reason or logic for deciding who they’ll connect with on LinkedIn. Here are some things to think about before you send your next invitation to connect.

Best Way to Connect on LinkedIn – 5 HIGH IMPACT Invitation Message Samples!
by Madeline Mann | Self Made Millenial

High energy and solid advice right here. I’ve been following Madeline for awhile on LinkedIn and she dishes out helpful information.


How To Write Your Personal Brand Statement
by Rosa Vargaz | Career Steering

You want to show how you differ from people with similar experiences. Well, your personal brand statement is just the tool for the job. See the formula and examples to use to craft your personal brand statement and where to use it!


Answering the Interview Question: What Is Your Greatest Achievement or Accomplishment? (Plus Sample Answers)
by Jeff Lipschultz |

The secret to giving a great answer is to link your achievement to the needs of the job you are interviewing for! See how to do this.


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