Make Space for Spontaneity

Is your schedule so jammed packed that there isn’t room for something miraculous to happen?

Are you so blinded by focus that you can’t see opportunities that come to you from out of no where?

I have a story for you…

I was in NYC recently for a business meeting. It was a rare day where I allowed extra time to get there and, as a result, figured I would use that time to get a walk in.

Well, about 10 minutes into the walk, I run into a business friend. As we start to chat, she was headed into the restaurant we were standing in front of to have lunch on her own.

She asked me if I wanted to join her.

Now… if I was hyper-scheduled like normal, I would have had to say no.

But I had the time. So I said “YES!”

For the following hour, we caught up on her career, her relationships and her life. It was awesome. And I was able to share some updates, too!

This on-the-fly meeting could have happened as a planned event if we exchanged 7-8 emails and scheduled it out a couple of weeks from now.

But instead, spontaneity was able to rule the day! Yeah!

In this case, I deepened a relationship that day. Who knows what will come of it… if anything. We don’t always have to know what’s coming before we invest time with someone.

But I can tell you nothing would have come from it if I said no and didn’t have the time.

I like to think in possibilities.

And I am glad this was made possible.

So how do you create space for spontaneity?

Go through your schedule.

Is there one thing you can drop indefinitely or postpone for today? Do it then…

And then go do something that puts you out in the world. Go walk. Strike up a convo with a stranger in an elevator (crazy, eh?). Sit at a lunch counter and chat with a fellow patron.

I believe you will be pleasantly surprised.

Reply back and tell me how it goes… or if you think I am out of my mind.

Be well!


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