How To Pass Army Aptitude Tests: The Complete Guide

As part of your application to join the British Army, you will need to pass six Army Aptitude Tests. These are:

  • Error Analysis Test;
  • Spatial Reasoning Test;
  • Number Reasoning Test;
  • Categorical Awareness Test;
  • Logical Reasoning Test;
  • Rule Analysis Test.

All of the tests require you to briefly examine rules or pieces of text, memorise them, and then answer questions based on the information you can remember.

These tests are usually taken at a computer at an assessment centre. All of the tests are multiple-choice in format. There is only one correct answer per question.

Just because the questions are multiple-choice, doesn’t make them easy. Take each question very seriously and read them carefully before attempting them.

Now, let’s take a closer look at these six tests.

The Error Checking Test – Pass Army Aptitude Tests

The purpose of the Error Checking test is to determine how well candidates can read information and spot errors and differences.

In this test, you must examine two strings of digits and letters, and spot all of the differences between the two.

For each question, you will be given a few seconds to read the two strings of information. Then, both lines will disappear, and you will need to recall how many of the digits or letters differed.

Take a look at the following sample question.

Once the two lines disappear, you will have to remember how many digits differed in the two lines.

Pass the Army Tests

As you can see, there were 4 digits/letters that were different between the two strings of data.

Pass the Army Tests

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The Spatial Awareness Test

In this test, you need to be able to comprehend, memorise, and recall rules to find the correct answer.

This test also examines your ability to work with two-dimensional shapes. So, not only is your memory being tested, but also your spatial reasoning skills.

You will be provided with two rules. They will look something like the following:

Rule 1 = Down Left BELOW Down Right

Rule 2 = Black ABOVE Striped

You will then be given six different answer options. Your task is to work out which answer option obeys both of the rules provided.

Pass the Army Tests

Pass the Army Tests

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The Number Reasoning Test 

This test determines how well you can quickly solve mathematical problems, and also memorise your answers.

You will be faced with two simple sums. You’ll need to work them out individually, then remember the answers for both.

These questions will involve the primary four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Unlike the previous exercises, you will be given each calculation, one at a time. So, you will need to remember your answer to Calculation 1, before moving onto Calculation 2.

Once you’ve worked out both Calculation 1 and Calculation 2, both will disappear. Then, you will need to answer one of the following questions:

Which was greater?

Which was lesser?

You then pick the answer option ‘Top’ or ‘Bottom’ for the two calculations, or ‘Same’ if the answers were identical.

Pass the Army Tests

Pass the Army Tests

Let’s quickly recap the two calculations and their correct answers:

Calculation 1 = 10 x 5 = 50

Calculation 2 = 100 / 2 = 50

Therefore, the correct answer to the question, ‘which was greater?’ would be the same.


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The Word Reasoning Test 

The Word Reasoning test is designed to assess your verbal reasoning skills, alongside memory and comprehension.

Like all of the other tests we’ve looked at, you’ll need to read and memorise data, and then answer questions based on it.

For each question, you will have to read a ‘rule’, which contains three categories of thing.

Underneath each category of thing, there will be the name of an object.

Your task is to assess whether or not the object belongs to that category. If it does, then it counts as 1 point. You’ll have to do this for all three categories.

Then, once you’ve memorised how many objects match their category, the rules and objects will disappear. You’ll then have to answer how many matched. Your answer options are 0, 1, 2, or 3.

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The Logical Reasoning Test 

This test is used to examine your ability to apply logic to rules and procedures. It also tests your memory, since you will need to remember the logical rules. You will need to use your deduction skills to arrive at the correct answer.

For each question, you will receive two rules. Alongside the two rules, you will be given a question based on the information in the two rules.

Then, the screen will change, and both of the rules and the question will disappear. You will be given three answer options, and will need to pick the correct one.

Let’s look at how to figure this question out.

Rule 1 states that BIKE is before CAR.

Rule 2 states that TRAIN is after BIKE.

So, BIKE comes before CAR and TRAIN.

Therefore, BIKE must be first.

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The Category Reasoning Test

Category Reasoning determines how well you can memorise rules, then apply them to data.

This is somewhat similar to the logical reasoning test, but is more challenging since you need to bear more things in mind.

Each question will give you three rules that you will need to memorise. Then, the screen will change, and the three rules will disappear. You’ll then be given your 8 answer options.

You need to pick the group that follows the three rules that you have memorised.

The best way to work through these questions is by process of elimination.

Starting with Rule 1, ‘Fruit before Vegetable’, you can rule out the answer options which show vegetables appearing higher than fruit.

Moving onto Rule 2, ‘Food before Number’. Rule out any answer options which show numbers appearing above food.

This leaves us with two answer options. So, we apply Rule 3: ‘Odd before Even’.

Rule out the answer option which shows an even number appearing above an odd number.

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Conclusion – Pass Army Aptitude Tests

So, you now know how to answer the test questions that you will face in your Army Aptitude Tests. If you want to pass the Army tests, then it’s vital that you learn these in detail.

If you want more, check out our fantastic Army Aptitude Tests workbook. It contains explanations, sample questions, and a plethora of practice questions to help you pass the Army Aptitude Tests.

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