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Looking for a job but have no experience? Don’t worry, this won’t scupper your chances of finding a role. In fact, according to our research, nearly two-thirds (62.4%) of employers actually prefer to hire people on potential over experience. In many cases, simply showing that you’re ambitious and willing to learn can really set you apart; and there are plenty of exciting positions to stick your teeth into.

Indeed, further analysis of over 175,000 jobs posted on our site reveals that there are a number of common roles which don’t require any experience. These jobs span from working in the care or driving industries, to charity, estate agency and customer service roles. For keen job hunters, this means you can start an exciting career without having previously worked in the role or industry!

Of course, you’ll need an impactful CV and cover letter to help you stand out. So be sure to check out handy CV templates and cover letter guides which are specifically aimed at people that have no experience. But before you do all that, why not take a look at our handy list of eight jobs you can do with no experience.

1. Care Assistant

If you’re a compassionate person and want to feel proud about the work you do then a role as a Care Assistant might be for you. In most cases, especially for junior roles, it’s fine to have no experience as you’ll learn a lot while on the job. And, your main responsibility will be to support people with a range of needs in their homes and the community.

You might be based at a hospital, a nursing home or even a day centre. Some Care Assistants even go and visit clients in their homes. In terms of working patterns, Care Assistant roles tend to involve shift work; but working nights or over weekends is a great way to earn a bit of extra money.

Another great benefit of starting your career as a Care Assistant is the career development opportunities on offer. While you might start off in a generic role, your employer may encourage you to work towards specific qualifications; or to move into a specialism, such as children or mental health.

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2. HGV Driver

Another job to consider if you have no experience is a HGV Driver. Currently, the demand for these roles is extremely high, making now a great time to enter this profession. All you need is a full car driving license and you’re ready to start training with a Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC).

Naturally, you need to be a good driver to get this job. After all, it requires a lot of focus. You’re on the road for many hours, sometimes right through the night. You’ll also need a good understanding of road safety; but specific training on how to pack and unload your HGV safely will be provided on the job.

On a daily basis, you’ll usually drive to and from a depot, transporting goods to different locations. As the key driver, you’ll be responsible for planning your route and you’ll usually work alone. One thing to be aware of is the fact that the job can often be unpredictable; specifically if there are traffic accidents, roadworks, or bad weather conditions.

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3. Administrator

Fancy something a little less strenuous? Starting out as an administrator is great if you have no experience. Usually based in an office, it can give you great skills to kick-start your career and familiarise yourself with the working environment.

The role can vary depending on what the company wants you to focus on. For example, you might do data entry, filing, answer phones, send out post, scan key documents, take payments, send reminder letters and so on. But ultimately, you’ll be responsible for a number of clerical duties which help the business.

One of the best parts of working as an administrator (aside from the fact that you don’t need any experience), is that it opens you up to a range of career paths. Whether you decide to focus on a key industry like legal or finance, or want to progress to the role of Office Manager, it certainly presents some exciting opportunities.

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4. Customer Service Advisor

Many Customer Service roles don’t require you to have experience; making this another exciting career path to consider. So long as you have excellent communication, interpersonal and social skills, you’ll definitely have a great chance of becoming a Customer Service Advisor.

Companies are reliant on good customer service in order to succeed. So, you’re sure to play a key role in a business that’s looking to grow its customer service team. Daily tasks involve answering calls or proactively reaching out to clients, handling email enquiries and working towards team targets and goals.

The role is hugely varied and it can equip you with some great skills and experience to shout about on your CV. So, why not give it a go?

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5. Warehouse Operative

If you’re keen for manual and/or physical work, you’ll be pleased to hear that you don’t need experience to become a Warehouse Operative. In fact, you’ll usually receive full training whilst on the job and will be kept busy with a load of general duties. This includes keeping the warehouse clean and tidy, stacking goods, stock checking, hygiene checks and more.

This is another role where you’ll work shifts and you may even get a higher pay rate for working at the weekend or over time. You’ll need good physical ability and a great work ethic; as well as the ability to work well under pressure.

In terms of career progression, there is the potential to move to a team leader or manager roles as you develop in your career; great if you’re ambitious!

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6. Charity Fundraiser

This is another role to consider if you want to make a difference to the lives of others! You don’t need experience to become a Charity Fundraiser, just plenty of passion and people skills. You’ll be responsible for raising funds for a specific charity and what’s more rewarding than that?

It isn’t always the easiest of tasks to get the attention of others, so being self-motivated and determined can really help to set you apart. While you might have no experience now, you won’t after working in this role.

Typical duties include researching funding opportunities, delivering campaigns and acquiring new donors to the charity’s customer base. So, if you’re an enthusiastic and energetic person, this could be the ideal role for you.

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7. Estate Agent

Ever considered entering the world of property? Well news just in; it’s fine to have no experience if you want to become an Estate Agent! Your main role will be valuing and marketing properties, as well as negotiating the best price for your clients.

You’ll meet loads of interesting people and work with an exciting team of like-minded individuals. Because of this, excellent people skills is crucial. Alongside this, other traits that will get you far as an Estate Agent include ambition, confidence, organisation, patience, determination and negotiation skills.

Essentially, it’s a sales role and there’s a fantastic opportunity to earn yourself a nice bit of commission. No experience? No problem! Get searching for your first Estate Agent role today.

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8. Recruitment Consultant

Last but not least! Another common career choice for people with no experience is a Recruitment Consultant. Working in this field is varied and exciting; you’ll gain on-the-job training and learn how to deal with the demands of your clients, as well as build up rapport with candidates looking for work.

In order to get the job, you’ll need to show that you have a good telephone manner, strong attention to detail and are comfortable meeting with people face-to-face. At times, the job can be stressful. But, it’s also extremely rewarding; especially when you place someone in their dream role.

Finally, this is another job where you’ll earn commission; so there’s great potential to earn a strong wage!

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Don’t worry if you have no experience

As outlined above, these are just some of the roles you can get into if you have no experience. Employers are becoming more open to considering candidates who have potential; as long as you showcase this in your CV and cover letter.

So, if you’re ready to get started, upload your CV and begin searching via CV-Library, today.

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